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"Los pantalones cuestan trece dólares."

Translation:The pants cost thirteen dollars.

June 14, 2018



When do I use cost and costs!? I'm getting them wrong as a native New Zealand English speaker.


In English, if the noun is singular use costs and if the noun is plural use cost. The book costs. VS The books cost.


Thanks for the insight


I had the same problem. Thanks for the explanation.


"The pants cost 13 bucks" accepted 11/21/18. xD Sometimes duolingo can be quite surprisingly great


A Duo le encanta mucho el numero trece!


Why is $13 not accepted?


DL wants you to spell out the numbers


Plural reverse... "La ropa cuesta" uses singular.. but means "the clothes cost" plural


I gave the correct answer BUT Duolingo gave "The pants are 13 dollars" as the correct answer. Which of us is having a bad day, me or Duo???


Nice pair of trousers for the price of a watch! A Bargain!


Thanks Michael for explaining cost vs costs.. I got it now..lol.. I kept reversing my answers


I am getting fed up with these mistakes by Duolingo!!!! Please someone help me. (The pants cost thirteen dollars) should have been accepted. But according to Duolingo it was not the answer they were looking for?! The answer they expected me to type was.... The pants are thirteen dollars. They also put a line under the 'are' PLEASE SOMEONE, please tell me what is going on?


In England, we say trousers, not pants. Please stop being so American, Duolingo!


Trousers is already in the database. That means you had an error in your sentence.


i wouldn't be surprised if i spelt it wrong in all honesty


Duolingo is based in the USA (Philadelphia, I think). American English is used but British English is also accepted when we are translating.


I think I was just annoyed that it didn't let me use it.


A pair of trousers is one pair, a single pair. Why is the translation not cuesta? Regardless of how they're referred to i.e. a pair, they are still one item and they cost 13 dollars. Why is the Spanish word plural? I find this very confusing and am starting to wonder if it's even possible to learn another language after 60-odd years of only speaking English :-(


Trousers is plural; Pantalones is plural. In English we all say "the pants/trousers cost..." We would never say, "the trousers costs," since it's plural. By adding the word pair, you change the sentence.

Don't worry. If you were speaking and used cuesta instead of cuestan you would be understood. Little mistakes like that won't stop you from communicating.


Thanks for the reply. I'm still confused though; you go into a shop, buy pants/trousers and come out with one item. But the fact that they have 2 legs makes them a pair and thereby plural. I decided to do a bit of research and found this:- "Trousers is plural partly because of a fairly simple misunderstanding. The word is derived from the old Irish word triubhas, which was singular, and referred to close-fitting shorts. The S at the end led people to assume it was a plural word, thus leading to trousers being plural". So originally it wasn't a plural noun but now it is! Thanks anyway for letting me know that someone will understand even if I do get it wrong :-)


you also get this "false plural" with other things that are kind of a pair, but kind of not, like scissors .


It may be confusing as you have one item, but if you think about the word itself, a "trouser" refers to just one leg of fabric. So even though "trousers" are also one item, they are made of up of two halves sewn together and the word is therefore considered plural.


I hope you are sticking in there. I´m struggling everyday but enjoying this frustrating and exhilarating ride. 60 odd years is nothing. Weird example I know but remember Colonel Sanders' - Kentucky Fried Chicken Story. In 1952 at the age of 65, when most people are looking at slowing down and retiring, Harland David Sanders began Kentucky Fried Chicken. You are never too old!!!!


Just because I accidentally put an "s" on cost should not have caused this answer to be incorrect! Everything else was the same as the answer! Sometimes this system accepts things that were far worse miss-spelled than this situation!


It's not a mispelling, it is a grammatical error.

"The pants cost 13 dollars" - "pants" is plural and requires the verb cost.

"The dress costs 13 dollars" - "dress" is singular and requries the verb costs.

English is a little strange. Verbs ending is "s" are most often singular, while those not ending in "s" are usually plural.


The translation I used is better than all other translations. Sorry, but I cannot see it otherwise.


They used cuestan in the question, it it plural so they want costs. If they wanted singular cost, they should have used cuesta.


It costs - singular

They cost - plural


cuesta - he/she/it costs cuestan - they cost (you cost, usted) except the English Language is strange, so the word we think is plural is actually singular, and Spanish confirms that for us.


the pants cost 13$, not accepted


I thought 'pantalon' was a pair of pants, and 'pantalones' was plural pairs of pants


I believe both are now acceptable for one pair of pants. In fact, many sources say that the singular isn't really used much anymore. Not %100 sure about that as I'm not a native speaker but it makes sense as that is very much like what has happened in modern English. Even one pair is call 'pants' (plural - because there are two pant legs = pants)

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