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Suggestion: Add more pictures.

I couldn't find a suggestion button so I thought I would post here.

I think that there needs to be more pictures. For example instead of translating "una camisa azul" to English have me pick a picture of a blue shirt or a picture of someone wearing a blue shirt. Another example would be "La mujer bebe una taza de café" and then have me pick the correct picture of a woman drinking coffee.

I've been trying more and more to think in Spanish and not translate it into English before understanding it. When I read or hear "una camisa azul" I try to picture a blue shirt in my head instead of translating it. However, I have to translate it to answer the question and at this point I'm thinking in English again.

June 14, 2018



Yes!! I love this idea and I am finding myself with the same problem. You got an upvote from me :D


Agree totally!!! It helps me to associate the word(s) with a visual.


I would agree but I think that’s not the way. The problem that I see with more pictures is that it would be similiar to rossetta stone with their immersion. One major drawback is that you might not get or miss out on the read and especially the writing. Other major important thing the words instead of pictures do is let you listen to a speaker talk so you get used to hearing people talk and how it sounds. That is huge for when you start talking with real people. This course the way it is is great because it does a very good job of teaching you to read and write in that 2nd language. I absolutely love the ideas that people said about using the language that you learned to learn a new language. That is a fantastic idea. As for your fear of as having to go back and forth from English, that will not be the result long term. Once you know are the words and have people to regularly talk with, you will notice that your brain will automatically stop going to English for the translation. If you wondered if you would ever know a 2nd language like you know your native one, the answer is yes. If you use your new language, one day and it does NOT take really long time, you find be shocked to notice that you are thinking and fanning through the Spanish words to find your word. You won’t be doing the find english word->translate->spanish word->speak. It will be like your native language where the Spanish word just appears in your head and out your mouth it goes. You will think in Spanish while speaking spanish. Sure, you mind will switch over sometimes if needed but it will feel like you are talking from your native language. But you must have real conversations with real people often for this to happen. But it does happen. And even before that you will see the visuals.


I see your point and agree but still think that more pictures would be a good thing. I'm not saying make every question use pictures. Just throw some in there. I don't think that one picture every so often or one picture a lesson would throw things off.

On a side note: what's odd about my learning Spanish is that occasionally I can't think of the English word for something. For instance, the other day I was cooking and asked my wife to hand me the cebolla. She stared at me blankly and inquired what that was. For the life of me I couldn't think of the word onion. Was kind of humorous.

I do need to find a Spanish speaker in my community for me to talk with. I think that that would help a lot.

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