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"Nuestros abuelos son de Italia."

Translation:Our grandparents are from Italy.

June 14, 2018



What if it's multiple women that are the subject of "our"? Wouldn't it be nuestras? I.e. if this was two sisters talking.


No. Nuestros has to agree with abuelos, no matter the gender of the speaker.
So, it would be nuestras abuelas, nuestras hermanas, nuestras amigas. And nuestros abuelos, nuestros hermanos, and nuestros amigos, no matter who is speaking.


It always agrees with the subject of the sentence, who the subject belongs to doesn't change "nuestra" the same way that the word "our" doesn't change based on who the subject belongs to


Ok how do you say our Grandpa's ?


"Our grandpas are from Italy" would be exactly the same: "Nuestros abuelos son de Italia," but I think a better way to say it would be something like "Su abuelo y mi abuelo son de Italia."


I was taught that nuestras referred to a group of girls that are reffered to as our and the nuestros meant our as in boys or mixed...im confused


Nuestros/as doesn't refer to the person speaking, because "we" is used for any gender. It's only os/as based on who you're talking about



This just accepted:

Our grandparents are Italian

I think that is incorrect. Italian is either Italiana or Italiano

My answer was wrong and should have been marked wrong

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