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"Venimos al parque todas las tardes."

Translation:We come to the park every afternoon.

June 14, 2018



Frustrating. Duolingo did not accept "We are coming to the park every afternoon," and instead corrected me, saying I had used the wrong word, and giving the "correct" answer as "We are coming by the park every afternoon." Al literally means "to the." Perhaps al can also mean "by," but "to the" cannot be wrong here if the rest of the sentence is correct.


This is one for the Report button: my answer should be accepted. Remember that the new sentences, especially, need a lot of help from the users.


You must use the PRESENT (we come) for routines......

The present continuos actualy we use for actions of right now, plans, ...


We come to the park every afternoon is accepted.


Confused and frustrated: ir = to go, venir = to come. Right, my way of looking at it is: if you are in the park, you wolud use come, if outside the park use go, does venir mean come or go here?


Imagine you're in the park with your dog and he plays very nicely with another. The owner asks if they can meet you again... "we come to the park every afternoon."


we come to the park every evening was not accepted. But we come by the park every evening was accepted???? Reported.

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Tardes translates evening and afternoon. Is it?


somehow "we come to the park every evening" is marked wrong. And the suggested correct answer is "we come by the park every evening"


Could "We come to the park every day late." be a good response?


Did not realize that there was a real difference in "come" and "go" in Spanish until now...had a "duh" moment reading through the comment thread


Why is the translation at the top of the page (to the park) correct, but the correction given in the lesson itself incorrect (by the park)? This has happened to me six times in this one level. Why am I not getting credit for what Duolingo knows is the right answer, as evidence by its appearance on this very page?!


"We come to the park in the afternoons." Not accepted. Can anyone explain what is wrong with my translation?


I think that "in the afternoons" is too general. "Todas las tardes" would literally translate to "all the afternoons" which means "every afternoon" in this sense.


Yes, every afternoon is the acceptable end of this response.


It is SO weird that Spanish does not distinguish between afternoon and evening!


el, al, who cares about precison in speaking? this speaker doesn't. Same thing with las which he turns into lus.


I am going to name this speaker as Señor Lus. Las=Lus to him.

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