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  5. "peDbe' 'e' lu'aq tejpu'!"

"peDbe' 'e' lu'aq tejpu'!"

Translation:The scientists predicted that it will not snow!

June 14, 2018



This really sounds like the wrong procession of tenses. I would expect either "The scientists predict that it will not snow" or "The scientists predicted that it would not snow."


I could see either working.

If today is Wednesday, it could be "The scientists predict (today, on Wednesday) that it will not snow tomorrow (on Thursday)"; "The scientists predicated (two days ago, on Monday) that it would not snow the next day (on Tuesday, which is in the past now but in the future relative to the prediction)"; "The scientists predicted (yesterday, on Tuesday) that it will not snow tomorrow (on Thursday, which is still in the future)".

A bit like "He told me that water boils at 100 °C" -- that's an eternal truth and can be quoted in the present tense, rather than switching present tense to past as if when he used the present tense, it only referred to that time (which is now in the past).

"He told me that he will be coming tomorrow" sounds fine to me as well, at least if you consider it a certainty.


The term I dimly remembered is sequence of tenses. I may simply be out of date, but in my youth, English displayed an attracted sequence of tenses, like Romance languages, but unlike Slavic ones. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sequence_of_tenses.

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