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"¿En qué ciudad estuvimos ayer?"

Translation:What city were we in yesterday?

June 14, 2018



"In what city were we yesterday?" should also be accepted.


Agreed- I reported it


People complain that it takes so long to get things addressed through these reports. This is such an odd way to say this in English, yes it's proper English, but really, who would say it this way? I feel like people get excited if they find some odd case that is proper English but not accepted so they can report it.
I'd prefer the Duo team spend their time fixing real errors in the translations rather than addressing these extreme corner cases.

I feel like the main purpose of this exercise is to show us that in Spanish they put the preposition at the front of the sentence although we typically would not in English. It's the same with "A qué hora sales de casa" sure you could say At what time do you leave home, but that misses the whole point. The whole point, to me at least, is to show the student that although we say what time do you leave home, you need to use the "A" in Spanish. That way our brains will start to connect and remember that A qué hora = What time and so when you one day have to think, ok I need to ask someone what time something, you will automatically think ok what time = a que hora. In your answer you're tying a phrase "In what city" to it's Spanish counterpart in your brain, but when will you ever think of a sentence that begins with "In what city" to ever be able to use that information?


Yep, agreed. Some feel it is more important to have their sentence marked correct than to learn what Duo is teaching here.


So, how much did this person have to drink that he doesn't remember where he was yesterday? :D


I'm thinking the person is part of a band touring through a continent. Who can keep track of cities, living in a tour bus and partying every night 'till the wee hours of the morning? :D


Or the person is touring a foreign country and just doesn't remember the names of the cities well yet!


I believe in clarity far more than correctness as more and more grammar looks to me like a far reaching plot (perhaps Russian) to prevent learning language

[deactivated user]

    La pregunta debería ser: ¿En cuál ciudad estuvimos ayer?


    I hope DL accepts "In what city were we yesterday" but I gave DL the answer it "wants" so I dont know


    Why does the male voice have an r sound at the end of cuidad

    he says cuidar Really widh Duo would be more careful!!!


    'Which city were we in yesterday?' seems more natural to me


    I thought she said, en qué ciudades tuvimos ayer... (exactly the same pronunciation...) Wich sounded strange to me, but I got it accepted lol


    Why is there :" en qué?" And not just "qué"?


    Because the question is asking about what city we were in yesterday.

    Without "en" the question would be asking "What city were we yesterday?" which makes no sense!


    Why not? What city were we yesterday in? I didn't understand..


    That is not the correct word order in English. You want "...were we in...". Yesterday can go first or last in the sentence. Last sounds best. Sorry, I can't explain why.

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