Translation:Yesterday we spent a lovely day on our boat.

7 months ago


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"Yesterday we spent a beautiful day in our boat" should also be accepted. Reported June 2018.

7 months ago


I think that yes literally it can be in or on but even in English we wouldn't say that really. Because you'd be ON your boat at the beach or lake or etc, on the deck. not inside of it like in the cabin or something.

It's contextual and makes the most sense to say on.

6 months ago


Actually you hear it both ways (unless you are on a raft). For a dingy it is always "get in".

6 months ago

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"Yesterday we passed a beautiful day in our boat." Is that really wrong, or just not a match on the list of accepted answers?

2 months ago


Yeah but it also doesnt allow pretty for hermoso.

6 months ago


How many remember the gozamos\pasamos dust-up from about 6 exercises atrás? We were translating “spent” to “pasamos” but were corrected to use “gozamos” for “spent”. Now, pasamos = spent as it should have at the time. Oh well, we do have consistency of a kind.

3 months ago


"a lovely day" is correct but " a wonderful day" is incorrect. Both are acceptable ways in English of expressing a really good day.

3 months ago
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