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"Nosotros siempre jugamos al tenis."

Translation:We always play tennis.

June 14, 2018



Why the "al"?


"Jugar" always requires the preposition "a" (followed by "al" for masculine gender sports or games or by "a la" for feminine ones) in all Spanish speaking countries except for Mexico where the "a" may or may not be omitted. This page (http://laspreposiciones.com/verbs-and-prepositions.html) explains verbs that require the preposition "a" as "springboard verbs" because they mark the beginning of an action. It lists a number of other verbs (jugar is omitted though it follows the same rule) that are always followed by the preposition "a". These are verbs that "move toward an action [as in the case with jugar] or lead a person ahead, either literally or figuratively. Remember that the preposition a means "to", and that when you go to something, you are moving ahead, going forward."


I guess the only way this can be reconciled is to memorize which verbs take what kind of followings......right? Thanks, Katie. Have a lingot.


Nicely explained, thank you


'we are always playing tennis' describes oft-repeated activity - not accepted. 'We always play tennis' sounds more like 'we don't play anything else'


@Gareth, they always play tennis, and never even take time out to sleep. I don't feel sorry for them, though, because it is only a translation exercise. But I think your first translation should also be accepted.


¿También se puede decir—jugamos tenis? ¿Sin "al"?


See my response to Iris above....


Never mind my previous question - I read the notes below from katiebdenver


The option word in there 'poetess' - a female poet. I'd never heard of that one in English. I learn something even in my own language.


Huh, never knew that either. Came here to learn Spanish only to learn English as well lol


I lot of job titles/occupations are the female version when an 'ess' is added on the end, but I have never used that one. ;)


is its always infinitive + al or can Spanish play something without the al (i.e. jugar + direct obj) for English "to play something"

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