"The hotel is not close to the train station."

Translation:El hotel no está cerca de la estación de tren.

4 months ago



I cannot figure out when to use "a" and when to use "de" for "to". Why not cerca a la estacion de tren ?

4 months ago

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It's just that close to or near = cerca de.

4 months ago


Thank you!!!! Something I did not realize before your comment!!

4 months ago


Because it is literally translating to "close from the station" in the same way we would say something is "far from the station" A bit confusing i know but it's just the way they do it

3 months ago

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Would you translate "debajo de" as "below from" or "alrededor de" as "around from"? :)

The de in these constructions doesn't have a specific meaning. It just turns the adverbs cerca, debajo, alrededor, and so on into prepositions, so you can use them with nouns. But for translation purposes you can just ignore it.

1 month ago
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