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"I want to go to the movies with my friends."

Translation:Quiero ir al cine con mis amigos.

3 months ago



I put 'las peliculas' and it wasn't accepted. Hmmmmm

2 months ago


I had the same answer, can someone tell me if this is actually wrong or if it's a fault in duolingo?

4 weeks ago


I wrote the same answer too, las peliculas, I remember that's correct from my Spanish classes ages ago but I'm not fully sure....

2 weeks ago


I put "a las peniculas" which directly translates to "to the movies"

2 months ago


Quiero voy al cine con mis amigos --- Why is this bot acceptable ?

1 week ago

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Shouldn't it be "las cines" because it is the movies (plural)?

3 months ago


To be more specific, "movies," as in "more than one movie," is still "las películas." This is more of a case of a peculiarity of American English: the informal use of "movies" to mean "a movie theater" ("un cine," which itself is a shortening of "cinematógrafo").

"Quiero ir al cine," I want to go to the movie theater. "Mi ciudad tiene dos cines," My city has two movie theaters. "Quiero ver dos películas," I want to see two movies.

Even though I speak American English, when translating I usually think of "el cine" as "the cinema." It helps clarify.

2 months ago

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This is one of those Spanish peculiarities that uses a plural word in English (movies) in a Spanish singular - el cine.

movie - la película

movies - el cine

3 months ago


It can be considered singular I guess because the technical name would be "the cinema"

3 months ago


I wrote Quiero ir con amigos al cine. Why is that not accepted?

2 months ago