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"Me interesan los libros sobre pájaros."

Translation:I am interested in books about birds.

June 14, 2018



The translation seems to be 'I am interested in books about birds', no?


Yes, that is accepted now.


"I am interested in books on birds" was not accepted, 24 Nov 2018. Reported.


Why isn't it 'Me interesan los libros sobre los pájaros'?


It's about an undefined number of birds here, not about a certain group of birds and not a generalisation.


I'm still trying to get the hang of when to use articles and when not to. Because "me gustan las bananas" uses an article for the banana, "el libro sobre pájaros" doesn't use an article for the pájaro, "ella estudiar medicina" also doesn't use an article for the medicine... I guess I'll have to memorize each types of sentences but it'll really help to have a framework.


So true, amandabsurdity!


How about "I'm interested in the books on birds?"


"On" should definitely be accepted as well as "about". Not only can "sobre" mean "on" according to Duo and other sources, it's a perfectly normal English construction that has the same meaning as "about" in this context.


Me interesan ? Why is this at the start ?


It's a verb like "Me gustan" and " Me encantan".


There are some verbs in Spanish that are just "that way" Like Gustar Encantar and Interesar


My problem is my American background. Everytime I hear this sentence I think they are saying "vaqueros" - not "pájaros". So I am interested in books about cowboys - not birds. Does anyone else think they words are extremely similar?


No veo. The middle syllables of the two words have distinctly different vowel sounds.


To those debating whether it's correct to write, "...books 'about' birds," or, "...books 'on' birds," the correct preposition to use in English is, "about" (i.e., "...books 'on' birds is NOT correct English). The preposition "on" refers to location (e.g., the books are "on" the table). Thus when Duo Lingo hasn't accepted "...books 'on' birds," it's because it is indeed incorrect.


Books on ( the subject of ) burds, is also a much used expression, it is just shortened to " on birds " in conversation etc, as the meaning is understood without being verbose.


Isn't pájaro a parrot?


It is cruelty to place books on poor birds !! Shame you, duo. You are an awl yourself !!


Why is it me interesan and no me interesa?


The interesa/interesan refers to the subject of "what are you interested in" and not "who is the one/are the ones interested". In this case - it is books. Plural. When the subject is plural - it is "intersan". Same as "gustan" and "encantan"


Books about birds interest me. (Plural subject with matching verb)
This book interests me. (Singular subject with matching verb)

But in English we typically put this sentence in the opposite order, so to make the sentence sound more natural in English, we don't do a direct word for word translation.


My answer is correct.


I have been entering the correct translation for this sentence and others and it is corrected to the exact same translation. What is wrong with duolingo here?


Again, duolingo checked my translation as wrong even though mine is exactly the same as theirs. What is wrong with duolingo?


I am asked to type what I hear. Twice I have done it correctly and twice i have been marked 'wrong'.


I am stuck in a loop where I put in the correct answer and Duolingo marks it 'wrong'. I reported it 4 times. Now I have to stop doing this lesson. I hope this does not affect my streak.


How do I get out of this?!!!

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