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"Are there any stores around here?"

Translation:¿Hay alguna tienda por aquí?

June 14, 2018



the sentence in english uses the plural 'stores', but my answer in spanish algunas tiendas was marked incorrect because I used 'plural' Seriously??????


I believe "algunas tiendas" translates to "SOME shops/stores." Languages are frustrating, I know.


I'm really confused now. So the right answer is "alguna tienda" yes?


But the correct translation calls for 'alguna tienda', which is singular, and thus would seem even more incorrect?


I believe that the general rule is: if the expectation is that there are a limited number of stores (bars, banks, or anything else) nearby, then the singular is always used. If, on the other hand, there are a large number or unlimited, or unspecified (but more than one or two) number of things, the plural would be used. https://spanish.kwiziq.com/revision/grammar/using-alguno-alguna-algunos-and-algunas-to-say-some-one-or-any-pronouns


I think the problem comes from the article "a" In English it means at least one. Do you have a house? Yes, I have two. In Spanish "un" means exactly one (and not more). Tienes una casa? NO, tengo dos!! So "Hay una tienda?" literally asks "Is there exactly one store:" (not more), So we use "any" -- "Hay alguna tienda?" --- Are there any stores. It's a little confusing for sure!


The same question occurred with, "Do you have any questions?" Tienes alguna pregunta? It's a Spanish thing. Quit trying to make everything English --- except when that helps!


interestingly Spanish Dict translate exactly the same as DL. so there must be some grammatical reason for this. Sam 113329 must be right - the plural = some stores


As a rule, Spanish seldom (almost never) uses algunas/algunos to mean "any".
Those words are used to mean "some" or "a few".
If "any" is used in an English sentence, often it is not translated at all in the Spanish version. If it is translated, Spanish uses the singular "algún/ alguna" with a singular noun.


Is this really right?

"Are there any stores around here?" Translation:¿Hay alguna tienda por aquí?


I do not understand why stores is not plural either as the main translation.


Am I wrong to look at this translation this way? I, too, thought the answer should be "tiendas" but after reading the comments, understand that it is just a Spanish way of doing it. I don't fret over it because I think that a Spanish speaker would know what I was saying and not be concerned about correcting my grammer. In other words, I try to remember these idiosyncrasies, but I see no point in demanding an explanation why other than that's just the way it is.


As much as the plural and singular thing is confusing, my question is when do you use algunas and when do you use ningunas?


cercano doesnt count?


Can you use 'cerca de aqui' ?


Yeah, so this doesn't make since to me at this point. But, I will take it in and move on!


the question was plural, stores not singular store - my answer was correct?


Hay algunas tiendas aquí cerca?

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I do not think it is correct to end with cerca.


Stores is plural ,entonces tiendas ...


This translation cannot be right!


"hay algunas tiendas por aqui" is the correct one.


This was accepted for me today although I was advised that the singular form is also correct (see the preferred answer above)

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