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  5. "'uj 'ar 'ab SIrgh?"

"'uj 'ar 'ab SIrgh?"

Translation:How many ujes long is the string?

June 14, 2018



This seems like an unnatural order for the English words.

I'd prolly go with a "How many ujes long is the string?" here... and that is what I keep hitting on the word scramble version of this.


Yes, you are right. That was an odd order for the words. It has been fixed and both versions are accepted, but the version you suggest above is now the best example.


Weird, somehow I'm still getting marked wrong for "How many ujes long is the string" in the word scramble even though it's shown here as the correct answer.


Sometimes it takes a while for the system to reset. The change may not have been fully updated yet. It's very odd that it shows it as the correct answer, but doesn't accept it, but it seems that they are two different parts of the software and they haven't been coordinated yet.


It did not accept that word order on June 19, 2018. I was doing the exercise with tiles on an Android phone.


Sorry, at first I did not see your second response, jdmccowen.


Hey! I can't do Klinigon on my Android!


Yeah, I think it's still unavailable. You can always open a Chrome window and do it in that, though. It's a little clunky, but not bad.

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