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"The baseball game is on Tuesday."

Translation:El partido de béisbol es el martes.

June 14, 2018



El, when put in front of a day of the week noun, can mean either the or on.


Why is the "el" necessary in this sentence, or maybe it isnt, just the way duolingo wanted to have it


Also, do not confuse Él with El because Él means he.


"El" or "La" means "the" and without "the", the sentence would not make any sense. It is the correct way to do it, not only the way dueling wants to have it.


I think the question is "el" befor the word martes.


Yes, I also want to know why it's necessary to say "el martes" instead of just martes.


You just have to learn that that's the way they say it in Spanish. It's a bit like asking why in English we say 'on Tuesday' instead of 'the Tuesday'. Just because we do!


Except not always. Hoy es martes is perfectly acceptable. But in this case 'on tuesday' requires el (even though we'd be tempted to think en)


Is baseball game always on Tuesday? Why using es instead of está?


Ser (soy, eres, es, etc.) can be used for MORE SO permanent descriptions; this includes specifically set times (they are planned ahead of time), and does not necessarily mean it IS permanently set forever (like where someone was born). Ser can be used for both situations.

Ester (estoy, estás, está) is used more so for temporary and\or randomly changing descriptions (like emotions).


But then, to be even more confusing, you have to remember that if you were talking about the LOCATION of the baseball game, you would use Estar e.g. El partido de béisbol está en el parque.


The day of the baseball game is not an accidental quality, but a necessary one, do it uses "es" instead of "está".


You shouldnt lose hearts because of misspelling!!!


You don't if the misspelling does form another word that the system recognises.


I misspelled beisbol as "basebol" so i got it incorrect though everything else was correct :(


What is the meaning of el? The or on?


Here, in Spanish, "on".

And if you pluralize it, 'los jueves', it means "every".


Both. El boligrafo-The pen El Martes-On Tuesday El is commonly used with dia de la semana or days of the week.


El could mean either, depending on the context. For example, it could be used as "el biesbol" or "el lunes" meaning "the baseball" and "on Monday," respectively. Like I said, it depends on the context of the word.


Its meaning the but in English we say Tuesday but in Spanish we say the Tuesday


I don't understand where to add the "de" into a sentence and when to reverse and seprate the words like the word "baseball" and game. I am having problems with this.


I believe, from my understanding, when you have a noun to describe another noun, you reverse it and put de (of) in between. Say, baseball game becomes el partido de beisbol (literally game of baseball), whereas if it is an adjective itself, you don't need to put de, but still need to reverse it (I think noun always comes before adjective first), say my red dress becomes mi vestida roja. I'm still learning myself. Please correct me if I'm wrong.


I appreciate your help that you have given me. Thank you.


I'm in Spanish 2, and putting "de" in front of the second noun helps the first noun know where the second noun comes from. (Sorry if that's not a good explanation." Example: Tomé prestado la pluma de su Translation: I borrowed the pen from her Example: el partido de fútbol de ayer fue muy aburrido Translation: The soccer game yesterday was very boring


why do you need the de


Or of. In this case, it means "the game of baseball" or "baseball game." Spanish puts the adj. before the noun.


Why is el in front of martes ,( the tuesday? Do you know?


In this sentence, el means “on.”


el partido besibol es de martes is ithis correct


No, it's not correct. Where we put 'on Tuesday' in English they put 'the Tuesday' in Spanish, which is 'el martes'.


i tried "El partido de béisbol es de martes" but it is incorrect. try not to make my mistake...


'De martes' would be 'of/from Tuesday', which wouldn't make sense. 'On Tuesday' is 'the Tuesday' in Spanish, 'el martes'.


Yes! Someone please tell me why this isn't correct.


im still so confused on the usage of "de" in "partido de baseball". why cant it be "partido baseball" since to describe a noun you put the adjectives after it & you dont necessarily put de? so why is de used??

the same thing with stuff like "tienda de ropa" or "jugo de naranja". why cant it just be "tienda ropa" or "jugo naranja"??? doesnt that mean camisa azul should be "camisa de azul"??


Baseball is not an adjective. It's a noun. That's why you need the de to connect it to another noun.


What is the different between el and èl?


"El" means the/on, depending on the context, while "èl" means he.


I thought "on" in Spanish was "en". Why do we use "el" infront of martes here to mean "on"?


Why is the answer not El partido de beisbol es en el martes?


That would mean "The game of baseball is in/on the Tuesday." It wouldn't make sense.


It is frustrating because sometimes Duolingo lets you get by without putting in "el" and sometimes it requires. Does anyone know why some days have "el" in front of them and other times it is not needed?


Because it's only talking about one Tuesday. 'Los martes' would be 'every Tuesday'.


Why is it writeen as partido de béisbol and not béisbol partido?


This question has already been answered in this chat.


I dont have the option of accents on my phone and i am typing the sentence correct but it wont accept it. I am even spelling everything correct.


Long press on the vowels.


Is not juego the correct word for game whereas partido is a match?


Would "El partido de béisbol es martes" (The baseball game is Tuesday) also be acceptable?


I typed the same answer


wait is this how Spanish just works? es is for permanent reasons, and esta is for temporary reason?


so why not use en as per the sentence (es en martes)


Just because English uses a word to express something does not mean that Spanish will. You don't use en with days in Spanish.


why is this weird way of translating - beisbol?


You're learning the Spanish word, beisbol.


I wrote baseball like this and got it wrong. Ridiculous


You do realize that means the error was with one of your other words, right?

Edit: do you mean you wrote the English word baseball instead of the Spanish? If so, it absolutely is wrong. The point is to learn how the Spanish is spelled.

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