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"She works at this university."

Translation:Ella trabaja en esta universidad.

June 15, 2018



Este is masculine esta is feminine (esto is neutral/unknown). Universidad is feminine, as in 'la universidad, una universidad,' therefore esta universidad.


Isn't este used for ' this' and esta is used for where something is? I'm confuzled


Why not Ella trabaja a esta universidad? It said it had to be en instead of a?


My understanding is that using 'a' is generally like English 'to' and 'en' is equivalent to 'in'. (Although, both words have multiple uses/meanings depending on context. For example, 'a' can also mean 'at' when talking about a specific moment in time and is also used as the 'personal a', amongst others).

Ella trabaja EN una oficina.

  • She works IN an office.

Ella va A la oficina.

  • She is going TO the office.

For all the uses of 'a' you can check out the entry on SpanishDict: www.spanishdict.com/translate/a

As a side note, like many verbs, 'ir' requires the preposition 'a' in front of a noun or infinitive. A list of verbs requiring prepositions (por, en, de, con, and a) can be found here: www.lawlessspanish.com/grammar/verbs/verbs-with-prepositions/.


What helps me is that 'en' can also be used for 'at'. Your explanation and links are very helpful, thanks.


That's a great point, gracias. This is especially useful when 'en' is used as a preposition (e.g. at home = en casa).


I have never heard a Hispanic person in my area use the word "esta". "This" is "este", "that" is "ese". I don't think I got this question wrong.


Ella trabaja en ESTE universidad?


No. Universidad is feminine.


How do we know if something like this is feminie?


It appears the only way is just memorization which becomes difficult with so many words to remember that do not fit the feminine rule of ending in 'a'.


Este is masculine, so when Universidad come up, you use esta because it is feminine. But I have a Hispanic friend and he never uses esta. ( I think that duolingo is teaching us how to speak proper, regular Hispanic people speak in Spanish slang like we speak in English slang.)


when is esta is this and este is also this


"Esta" is for feminine nouns, and "este" is for masculine nouns.

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