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  5. Habt ihr gestern gearbeitet?


Habt ihr gestern gearbeitet?

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Did you work yesterday? - Remember, I am slow when it comes to grammar. So is the above sentence formal, informal or none of the above?


June 15, 2018



I believe it is informal plural.

Hast du gestern gearbeitet? = singular, informal "you"

Habt ihr gestern gearbeitet? = plural, informal "you", such as asking a group of people whom you would use "du" with individually

Haben Sie gestern gearbeitet? = singular or plural formal

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Danke. That is one shortcoming in the Duo lessons, that they do not tell you if the sentence is formal or not, and if it refers to more than 1 person or not. And because the various pronouns occur all over the place it is very confusing to me.

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I do not understand in you informal there is du,dich,dir and then ihr, euch euch? Is the second set plural? Danke sehr.


Yes. It is what in some American states would be called y’all. :)

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Das ist was ich dachte. Ich danke dir sehr.

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DonutEggRoll - I do not understand why Duo doesn't make it clear whether you are using formal or informal, and singular or plural pronouns. This would help a lot. Can you tell that I am feeling exacerbated unnecessarily?


I think Duolingo as a framework doesn't adapt too well to the specific pecularities of the various languages in order to support a lot of languages.

But as a general tip: if the pronouns are capitalised (and do not stand at the begining of the sentence), then it is always the formal form.


The way the verb is conjugated also helps. In this case, 'Habt' means that the pronoun 'ihr' it is plural informal (nominative).

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