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"Why did František not go to school today?"

Translation:Proč dnes František nešel do školy?

June 15, 2018



Improving my sense of Czech word order is one of the biggest reasons I decided to use this course. Word order rules exist but it's also very fluid. In conversations, my Czech friends don't bother to correct my word order errors because we're too busy communicating to stop and discuss my deepest grammar questions. Here I find written examples of what sounds natural to Czechs but not natural to me. I write down all the surprises and read them over and over so it will eventually feel natural to me too and just fly out of my mouth like a Czech without thinking about it. So helpful. I love this course. Maybe there is a better place to express my gratitude to all the writers of this course, but I'm doing it here. You guys are awesome.


Is this the most natural sentence? "Why did František not go to school today"? Is it really the most commonly used? I would use "Why didn't František go to school today", guess it is accepted as well but don't understand why it isn't the main sentence.


There is no guarantee that the main translation be the most common spoken or written form.


Ok, I was just asking.


Proč dnes nešel František do školy? To není totéž?


Yes, that's also fine.

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