"I go to the park often."

Translation:Yo voy al parque a menudo.

4 months ago



I wrote "voy a menudo al parque". Same words (without "yo") but in a different order. I was marked wrong but I've learned not to trust DL completely. Wondering how important word order is in this case and would appreciate some help.

3 months ago


same here, wrote "yo voy a menudo al parque" marked wrong, ???

2 months ago

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'Voy a menudo al parque.' still not accepted.
Reported 20/09/2018

1 month ago


On one of the other exercises I was marked wrong for putting 'a menudo' at the end of the sentence (i.e. the opposite to this situation). Agree I'd like some advice on how important word order is in Spanish. (I know it's very important in German, for example, but does it really matter in SpanisH?)

2 months ago


Yo menudo voy al parque?

4 months ago


i used the wrong word, you tell me, but I have the same words as you!!!!!!!!!

3 months ago


The drop down hints are not using same words as in answer. English sentence says "I go" yet spanish anwer uses "acudo" which means "I come". In my answer, I used "vengo", which means "I come" and was still incorrect. I like learning different words with similar or same meanings yet the answers should match the original sentence (English in this case). Duolingo needs to provide another means of communicating troubles with their questions as the "report" feature is VERY limited and it seems no one from Duolingo answers or comments on these discussions. IN FACT, the very translation listed above in the discussion thread is NOT THE SAME as the answer given in the lesson.

1 month ago


Why not Yo me?

3 weeks ago
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