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"They are eating rice with chicken."

Translation:Ellas comen arroz con pollo.

2 months ago



I thought "Ellas comen arroz con pollo" means "they eat rice with chicken".

1 month ago


Remember that the present tense (indicative) in Spanish means three things. "Ellas comen arroz con pollo" can be correctly translated three ways. 1. "They eat rice with chicken." 2. "They do eat rice with chicken." 3. They are eating rice with chicken." Number 3 can also be translated as "Ellas están comienzo arroz con pollo"

1 week ago


I wrote: "Ustedes comen arroz con pollo" for my answer but it was marked wrong. Why?

2 months ago

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Ellas/ellos = They
Ustedes = you (plural)
Your sentence means "You are eating rice with chicken."

2 months ago


comen is they eat, so why are eating is the same?

1 month ago


Yeah good question, I have often put that into a translator and it comes back "they eat rice" seems to me they should use the verb Estar conjugated to estan for "are" and comer conjugated to comiendo for "eating"

2 weeks ago


How do we know when to leave out "son"? I wrote "Ellas son comen arroz con pollo" but they took out the "son"

3 weeks ago


The verb to conjugate here would be Estar not Ser. So, "estan comiendo arroz con pollo" would be the way to say that. It took that for me.

2 weeks ago


Ridiculous. .answer duo????? We just guess

2 weeks ago


Why ellas and not ellos?

1 day ago