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"We have to be ready in an hour."

Translation:Tenemos que estar listos en una hora.

June 15, 2018



debemos or tenemos Que pasa


Had the same question and the best way it was explained to me was sense of obligation. I believe that is what jdrewy is stating. deber: It's my duty to do , or I should do where must is due to obligation but the individual does not 'have to' do it. tener que: I have to do , It is imperative I do ref: http://www.spanishdict.com/answers/240989/deber-v-tener-que


debemos = we must


I was going to write "en una hora" but I decided to check by hovering over "an hour" and it indicated "por hora" so I wrote that. Shouldn't have trusted Duo and gone with my instinct since it struck me down. One way to learn I guess.


Hey, Duo...your dictionary hover says to us "por hora" but you marked it wrong and used "una hora".


Something is wrong with the website. It is giving you the correct answers in the original English not Spanish.

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