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  5. "Mohu platit kartou?"

"Mohu platit kartou?"

Translation:May I pay with a card?

June 15, 2018



Why isn't "pay with card" accepted? Can't find any reason why that should be wrong?


I would have expected the right answer to be "to pay by card" but "by" wasn't displayed at all, so I chose "with". Found out, that it is possible to use it, though not very common. But my answer "May I pay with card" wasn't accepted, I was told there needed to be "May I pay with a card". 100% sure.


We presently require "with a card".

Perhaps it is possible to elide the undefinite article, but could you show us some evidence for this possibility? How did you find out?

As the ngrams shows, it is certainly not used too frequently.


Well, the ngram shows that it would make most sense to put there "Can I pay by card", obviously.


That is certainly accepted. For free-write exercises. You can have them on the web. In the mobile app you typically only have them at the highest crown level.


"May I pay with card" should also be accepted, you don't necessarily need an article there.


I am native AmE. "May I pay with card" is strange. If you use "with," you need the article. If you use "by," you don't.

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