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"La escuela siempre es difícil."

Translation:School is always difficult.

June 15, 2018



"The school is always difficult" is a correct translation

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Here school is generalized, so the the is omitted in English. Sorry, it just sounds wrong to include it. Just as the la is required in Spanish. Both languages must be translated correctly.


Por qué? Me encanta siempre ir a la escuela! O, hacer cursos con Duo.


In English, the meanings are radically different, depending on the use, or not, of the definite article. Does Spanish recognise the distinction between the concrete (with 'the') and the generalised (no article) meanings, and how?


In Spanish it's more implied through context and the use of other identifiers.


Why is "The school is always difficult." wrong??!!!


Still not accepted so I've also reported. Unless there is another way in Spanish to say "The school is always difficult", it should be accepted. Yes, it has a slightly different meaning than "School is always difficult" but without context it is completely subjective what they are talking about so equally valid IMHO.


Escuela siempre es difícil. Is this possible? Because of the LA from la escuela.


Generally in Spanish you can't have a subject without indicating it some way like putting an article. A bare noun by itself is to be avoided as a subject.


At what point does siempre come after or before something? I keep tripping up by trying to follow the rule it suggests but it changes and i always get it wrong!


I'm going to generalize a bit, but you should put it before the verb.


Sí! Estoy de acuerdo.


"School always is difficult" should also be an answer!


But that's just not how we say things in English.


Uh, yeah it is. It's perfectly legitimate English, proper phrasing, that some native speakers use.


We have no way to know what your answer was, so we can't tell you why it is wrong. You need to copy the answer you gave so that we can see it.

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