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Can we possibly add an optional "Full Immersion Mode" once you finish the whole tree?

I started learning Swedish with Duolingo about a year and a half ago, and I've spent the last three months living in Sweden. I'm pretty functional with my Swedish as I got a huge boost in vocabulary when I got here, but I still use Duolingo to freshen up vocabulary and grammar.

One major issue that I have with Duolingo right now is that after a certain level of understanding, the use of English becomes unnecessary. Translating from English is a good way to start learning a language, but after a while it starts to become tedious and causes some problems, such as spelling a word the English way instead of the slightly different Swedish way (Eg: Elephant vs Elefant) or by accidentally using English grammar when translating (Eg: Translating "A cup of tea" to "En kopp av te" instead of "En kopp te".

I feel like after a while having the English around does more harm than good and we should eventually be able to break away and fully immerse our mind in our language. I know that for myself, I have a very separate Swedish brain and English brain, and switching back and forth is causing me to make way more mistakes than I normally would.

The point when you really take off with a language is when you start thinking independently in that language, and I feel like its been made harder to achieve that when we're stuck associating every bit of Swedish we know with an English phrase.

Does anyone else feel the same? Like we should be able to shed the first language once we get to a certain level and only do exercises fully in our language? Let me know what you guys think. Thanks!

Of course this isn't only for Swedish, I think all trees should be given this option.

June 15, 2018



In my opinion, Duolingo is really good for getting a very tight grasp on the basics and some vocabulary, but to get to a level where one can continue learning the language from that very language, I think, is out of the scope of most of the trees here. I feel that if I'm already comfortable with whatever Duolingo offers, I can move on to other sources to immerse myself in the language more. I agree, however, and it should remain an option.


You can do the reverse tree now. Log in as a native Swedish speaker wanting to learn English. Then you'll get all the instructions in Swedish. It's still translation, but of course that's a skill in itself -- that of being able to quickly switch languages in your brain. It's the challenging job simultaneous translators do.


There is no reverse tree for Swedish speakers at the moment, unfortunately. But it's a great way to practice other languages!


Hello! Try to do the things on your own. Start learning through a real conversation on youtube or some podcasts. If you have friends, talk to them as much as you can (native friends in the language that you are learning). Read before you sleep; write some texts before you sleep; keep your motivation (it's really important; Watch TV Series and so on! Success!


J.D_Neon, great points. I think Duo accomplishes the "target language only" with the Duo stories, but those are only available in Spanish, French, German and Portuguese - although they said they would like to add more languages in the future. I think they'll continue with projects like Duo Stories and Duo Chat Bots for advance language learning, but probably won't have target language only on the trees anytime soon.


Why wait...why not gradually transition instructions and commands into Swedish throughout the lessons as students learn?


Ja vill ova att tala svenska.


Great suggestion, English gets to be annoying, i'm doing Russian and I can relate


Great idea - I'm learning Italian and this would be very helpful in Italian too!


I'd like this, even though Duolingo is not the most effective way to learn a language without combining it with other materials, this would really help as I get to a more advanced level with my Japanese.

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