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Possessive "ihr" confusion

maybe a stupid question... but as I have learned, "ihr" can be used possessively as "her" and "their". My question is: is there any way to differentiate between "her" and "their" in German?

Example: "her dog is small" - Ihr Hund ist klein. But wouldn't the translation be the same for "their dog is small"? Is there any way to tell which is which within the sentence, or is it all just figured from the context of the surrounding sentences/conversation?

June 15, 2018



No, there is no way. But as a possessiv pronoun relates to something mentioned before it is no problem.

Do you have difficulties with
Your dog is big?

  • Dein Hund ist groß.-- 2nd Person singular
  • Ihr Hund ist groß -- 3rd Person singular, formal
  • Ihr Hund ist groß -- 3rd Person plural, formal
  • Euer Hund ist groß -- 2nd Person plural

and also historically and still used in some regions, and I am using it as well.

  • Euer Hund ist groß -- formal singular (and plural)

No. You just know from the previous content to whom or of whom you are speaking.


Its context I think. Yes, I get this wrong also. It just practice

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