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  5. "Why don't they listen to us?"

"Why don't they listen to us?"

Translation:¿Por qué ellos no nos escuchan?

June 15, 2018



Do you have to say "ellos" for this sentence to be correct? Doesn't the ending on "escuchan" imply them or they?


The ending could also imply ustedes (plural form of the formal you). Sometimes people add "ellos" to clarify, but you're right - it's optional.


You are correct. You can use the report button to suggest that your sentence be accepted.


I would imagine that in the context of a conversation, it could be ignored, but in a situation such as this, sans context, it is grammatically incomplete.


I still have no idea why the order of these words are as they are - except "por qué". After that it seems getting the correct order is a bit if a lottery. None of it makes any literal sense at all. "They no to us listen"??? Frustrating.


Same with me. I don't understand why they is earlier in the sentence, and not at the end like in other exercises.


Ellos was accepted at the end of the sentence for me. I feel lost and also wondering what happened to the personal a (not necessarily in this sentence).


It sounds like the señora is saying escoodan in this and other exercises?


Is it possible to put a ellos in the end ?


I wrote: por que no ellas nos escuchan? Why is it wrong?


no modifies the verb and comes after ellos, not before.


I think having the not-needed ellos in the sentence is confusing. I put it in the wrong place (nos ellas escuchan) and missed it. ¿Por qué no nos escuchan? just seems better. On the other hand, i suppose knowing knowing both variations is a more comprehensive. learning experience.


isnt it possible and probably more realistic to skip out the ellos and just say "Por qué no nos escuchan?" as the 'they' is indicated in the escuchAN ending??


My answer is correct but for accent. Not sure how to get that keyboard. Wont let me past


On my phone I just keep finger on letter for a second and lots of options pop up.


There should be a button to bring up a menu of special characters under where you type. If you plan to do a fair bit of Spanish on the computer, probably a good idea to set up an international keyboard in Window, somewhere under settings.


There is no problem switching keyboards on Android, and pc. I have English, and norwegian/spanish on my phone. ( keyboard. SwiftKey from Google play)


Same problem. Unable to continue


This doesn't really seem like a very important word to learn at such a low level. Literally would never use it.??


Which word seems useless to you again? Listen?

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