Can anyone please explain it to me, what "besonders" , "nicht gerade", and "nicht so" mean? And please give some examples

June 15, 2018

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besonders translates to 'especially' and sometimes to 'particularly', 'special' or 'peculiarly.
"Gesund zu sein ist mir besonders wichtig." (Being healthy is especially important for me.)
"Das ist doch nicht besonders. Heutzutage macht das jeder." (That isn't something special. Nowadays everybody does that.)

Nicht gerade and nicht so, as well as nicht besonders, translate to something like 'not really'. It's used to communicate that something is underwhelming. Not really good, but also not bad. Kind of meh.
"Das Essen hat mir nicht gerade geschmeckt." (The food didn't taste so well.)
"Die Atmosphäre war nicht so schön." (The atmosphere wasn't really good.)
"Das Restaurant ist insgesamt nicht besonders großartig." (All in all, the restaurant isn't really great.)

June 15, 2018
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