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Ich habe Brot

Duolingo notes said the verb haben here means I have bread, not 'I am having bread'. I used Google translation now and then I found the german translation of 'I am having bread' is 'Ich habe Brot'. So, which of them is right? Duolingo or Google?

P. S : I also wanted to include a screenshot of this site if this forum supported it.

June 15, 2018



Well, I don't trust Google Translate. The Duolingo version is right. Reasons: When you want to say 'I have bread' you say ' Ich habe Brot' When you want to say 'I am having bread' , you have to mean it 'I am eating bread' so 'Ich esse Brot'


Then how to write I am having bread


That probably comes from Google Translate not being able to interpret the intent behind the wording.

The German language doesn't distinguish between the two present tenses that English has. "I eat" and "I am eating" would both translate to "Ich esse".

In English, "I am having bread," should literally mean you presently have bread, but that is not the case. It instead means you're eating bread.

With that in mind, if you type "I am having bread" into Google Translate, it, not understanding that having bread in English actually means eating it, will translate it to "Ich habe Brot," which actually means "I have bread" rather than "I am eating bread."


Excellent explanation, Vabelie as to why there is not a one-to-one translation for "I am havng bread"!

FYI, Google translate is kept current by people like us as we update/add or participate in creating the translations for Google translate.

Also, remember that "am" is a helper verb. Google translates engine probably searches for the "having" and turns 'I am having bread' to 'Ich habe Brot'.

[deactivated user]

    Google translate isn't trustworthy, you learn this later I guess you are not there yet, but you do not say, I am having bread, you must say, I am eating bread which is; "Ich esse Brot"


    Hello! To add a slight precision to what the others rightly told you, there is no present continuous in German. So, you always translate any present English to present simple in German.
    In the particular case of "having food", actually meaning "eating food", you translate to "essen" (das Essen essen ;p), as well as "to have food", so on a regular, general basis.
    If you'd want to say either "I'm sleeping" (right now, why are you bothering me), or "I sleep" (every night at 10; in a silken gown; in the farmost room down the hall), both would be "Ich schlafe".

    Last word: as you've been told, don't trust Google Translate ;)


    Do you know how to write in German I am having bread.


    You cannot. You just say I am eating bread


    Danke and plz accept some lingots as a product for your efforts.

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