"Ela desliga o telefone."

Translation:She hangs up the phone.

June 15, 2018



Should "she unplugs the phone" be accepted?

August 11, 2018


Why not "She disconnects the telephone"?

December 31, 2018


"She unplugs the telephone" not accepted - reported

September 10, 2018


May I request a response to the comment made by JanardanSa4. My answer was the same since my understanding was that desliga was 'to disconnect' - unless through custom and practice it has come to mean 'hang up' in normal speech when used for a telephone? In that case, how does one disconnect a phone ie unplug it?

March 31, 2019


I think we're going to need a native Portugese-speaker for this, or at least someone very conversant with the language, because "disconnect" is clearly a correct answer, but perhaps not how "desligar" is used in common parlance.

March 31, 2019


I wrote the same as both JanardanSa4 and LambKen, however I have now looked up WordReference.com and it translates the English verbs "to disconnect" or "to unplug" as "desconectar" in Portuguese and the English verb "to hang-up" (the telephone) as "desligar" in Portuguese.

May 28, 2019


"Desligar" has various translations depending on context.

Não tinha que desligar o telefone.
You don't have to get off the phone.

Vá desligar o telefone do meu quarto.
Go hang up the telephone in my room.

Pode desligar o carro, por favor?
Can you turn off your engine, please?

Ele pediu para eu desligar do meu emprego.
He asked me to resign from my job.

June 15, 2019


Olá Emeyr, esse hang up é desligar em que sentido?

June 26, 2019


Depois de terminar uma conversa, você se despede e desliga (hang up) o telefone.

June 30, 2019


I'm hearing the emphasized "d" when I press "desliga" but the audio plays it the with a normal "d" in a sentence. What gives? :/

June 15, 2018


They are both correct =)

June 15, 2018
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