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  5. "You write with a pen."

"You write with a pen."

Translation:Tú escribes con un bolígrafo.

June 15, 2018



In case anyone is interested, "pluma" is the more common way to say "pen" in Mexico.

[deactivated user]

    I put escribes and it marked it incorrect. It told me to put tu escrbes


    But doesn't pluma mean feather?


    No. Actually, it means quill. It comes from the fact that people used to write with a quill


    Although the offer escribe in the hints, only escribes is correct. So when would i use escribe?


    If you chose to use polite/formal "usted" :-)
    Usted escribe con un bolígrafo.


    Currently it will disallow using Usted on this


    Can someone explain to me how to better understand why you use, Escribo/Escribir/Escribes/Escribe. Duo doesn't teach me, i'm literally guessing and what's worse, is the fact the Escribo is wrong when talking about how "You" write. Yo is the I form is it not?


    Escribir = To write (the infinitive form of the verb).

    You then replace the ending 'ir' with different verb endings to indicate who is doing the action. So you write escrib- followed by the relevant ending.

    I write = (yo) escribo

    You write = (tú) escribes

    He/She/It writes = (él/ella) escribe

    We write = (nosotros/as) escribimos

    You write (plural) = (vosotros/as) escribís

    They write = (ellas/ellos) esbriben

    You can say these with or without the relevant word in brackets.

    I was taught in school to remember the order "I, you, he/she/it, we, you, they" which matches up to endings "o, es, e, imos, ís, en" which replace ir. These are only the endings for regular IR verbs.

    There are different endings for regular AR and ER verbs. There are also irregular verbs e.g. "ser" and "ir" which each have their own verb table! Definitely worth researching :)

    Something I don't remember learning in school:
    you write (formal) = escribe usted (I think you can also say "usted escribe", the order doesn't seem to matter)

    Bit long winded but hopefully this helps!


    This was a greatly appreciated explanation


    You is Tú when talking in family, friends and you is usted when wishing to keep a polite level with bosses for example. In english we have I write, he writes, they write etc. But spanish goes further with their changes. Yo escribo. I write. You write (for friends) Tu escibes. You write (formal) is usted escribe. Different again for we and they.


    Footnote. The escibir means 'to write'. Any time you wish to say for example ''I need 'to write' a letter'', you would put 'Yo necesito escribir una carta. "I want 'to write' a letter" Yo quiero escribir una carta'


    Una pluma is the same as a pen


    Yes. And it's shorter than "bolígrafo".


    Is the 'un' necessary here? I thought 'Tú escribes con bolígrafo' would be correct Spanish usage.


    Anybody know the answer to this question?


    That would mean you write with pen. Un means a.


    Thank you. I thought Spanish was one of those languages where the indefinite article was not needed in a general context. Wrongly, it seems. Best wishes.


    on multiple choice, If the clue has the word "pen" and only one of the possible answers has the work "boligrafo" it is not much of a test


    how about telling us WHY what we have chosen is incorrect. Ie i technically wrote the correct words but wrong usage. So we dont have to go to google and find out why the sentence is structured diferently.


    Does not accept pluma as pen..


    Pluma also means pen, commonly used in Mexico


    Pluma is another word for pen that has been used in previous lessons


    Why is this incorrect?


    Pleaaase i am a begginer you make me run out of hearts with every mistake! This is demotivating!


    Pluma is used by new mexicans . Boligrafo was used by their grandparents

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