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"A gray hat."

Translation:Un sombrero gris.

2 months ago



Curious as to why a fish burger (una hamburgesa de pescado) contains the word "de" but a gray hat (un sombrero gris) does not . . .

2 months ago

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Typically speaking, when English sticks two nouns together [x y] and uses the first as an adjective, Spanish will use a [y de x] construction. When there is an adjective, you don't need to add the de.

1 month ago

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Because it's not a hat of gray. A fish burger is technically a burger (made) of fish. In English, you can make a noun into an adjective when needed (fish becomes an adjective), but you can't do that in Spanish. Since gray is already an adjective, it doesn't need to be turned into one, and so it can use the same form in Spanish.

4 weeks ago

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Good question, i think its because the fish burger is mainly fish while the hat happens to be grey,

1 month ago


It can? I think its just showing you different ways to say things. Remember, in Spanish, we dont translate directly (A sandwich of fish), we translate ideas (A fish sandwich). Choose whichever sounds more comfortable, really.

1 month ago