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Help translate Chinese sword

My sister recently won a sword at a business function, and I saw that on it were a few Chinese characters. I could recognize a couple, but my Chinese isn't advanced enough to understand them all. I tried to use websites that you could draw a character and the meaning would come up, but none of them guessed the characters right. I will upload a photo of the characters, and anyone is welcome to hep me translate. Thanks in advance!

June 15, 2018



“今古有神奉志士“ http://lang-8.com/713038/journals/262505990182865882364936919823590265212 “Now and past there is a god to respect ambitious men."


Wow thank you very much!


i will try to translate when you post the picture


今=today 古=ancient 有=have 神=god 奉=give 志=ideal 士=knight that was just the meaning of each individual character,the meaning as a whole is :There are gods and devotees

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