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  5. "wa'leS ram paqvetlh vIlaD."

"wa'leS ram paqvetlh vIlaD."

Translation:I'll read that book tomorrow night.

June 15, 2018



Hello. I have no big problem with this one, but can "I will read that book tomorrow at night" be a possible solution? Please?


Sure. It is now accepted on this sentence.


I, too, had the same problem


I see a report where tomorrow is spelled with two mm's and one r. The sentence is accepted, so I'm guessing that's your report and it was rejected due to the misspelling.


"Tomorrow night I read that book" is right, too?


No. Your English tense does not match the time frame. You can say, "Tomorrow night I will read that book," "Tomorrow night I will have read that book," or "Tomorrow night I will be reading that book." The time frame of "tomorrow" requires you put your sentence in some version of the future in English. "I read" can be interpreted as either present or past, but cannot be future without the word "will".

In Klingon we don't mark the tense in the verb, so we rely on words like, "tomorrow" to give us tense. So while vIlaD can be interpreted as, "I read it," in some contexts, with the word wa'leS as the time frame, it must be interpreted as, "I will read it".


"Tomorrow night I read that book" is right, too?

No - "tomorrow night" is in the future, but "I read" is past tense. (Or maybe present.)

Use "I am going to read" or "I will read".

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