"I want to go to the right and you to the left."

Translation:Yo quiero ir a la derecha y tú a la izquierda.

5 months ago



"I want to go to the right and you to the left." is ackward. We wouldn't say "and you to the left" in English. Perhaps "...and I want you to go to the left." would be better.

5 months ago


It is awkward. Maybe it means, "I want to go to the left and you want to go to the right." Either way, it's not written well.

4 months ago


Would not "Yo quiero ir a la derecha y tú ir a la izquierda." also be correct? DL marked it wrong.

3 months ago


Why isnt al acceptable i thought it was used instead of a la

2 months ago


I believe it's because "al" is a contraction of "a el" whereas this is "a la"

2 months ago


Stupid, one letter wrong, whole sentence wrong!

3 weeks ago


Thats why its practice to make your spanish better, if your talking to a native speaker and you miss on word they are gonna look at you wrong, so practicing helps alot

1 day ago
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