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  5. "¿Dónde quieres trabajar?"

"¿Dónde quieres trabajar?"

Translation:Where do you want to work?

June 15, 2018



I have a hard time understanding the woman's voice therefor lose on so many points. She is not clear, at least to me she isnt. I can understand the man's voice a lot better.


At times they are both hard to understand. I repeated this one over and over and it still sounded like trabajas. Grrrr!


The key here Robert is to understand which would make sense. Because 'querer' is already conjugated you would never also conjugate 'trabajar'. Instead it must remain unchanged.

You can use other words in the sentence to narrow down what is being said. This is actually how your native language works as well. It is just that we are so used to the language we do it automatically.


I don't know when to use trabajar trabajas


I had one tiny typo... everything was correct! Still a heart was taken. Not fair to take a heart for a typo when the word and sentence are correct.


Trabajas= (you) work Trabajar= to work You do the same thing with all the adjectives


I believe my answer correct except for accents which I can't replicate.


Why should the 'r' in habla/hablar....estudia/estudiar and the rest be so confusing!!!


My answer is correct however it is not marked as correct


I keep getting trabaja and trabajar mixed up. When should I use them?


I wrote the correct answer


Where would you like to work is the same as where do you want to work


Christine, actually they are different tenses. The first is conditional and would be:
Dónde te gustaría trabajar? = Where would you like to work?

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