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  5. "Worf and Torg are men."

"Worf and Torg are men."

Translation:loDpu' chaH wo'rIv'e' torgh'e' je.

June 15, 2018



Why do the names need to have the suffix 'e' in this case?


Whenever you say that one noun is another noun, you use the formula

[noun1] [pronoun] [noun2]'e'

Noun2 is the "topic" of the sentence, and you're saying that noun1 is linked to that thing. The -'e' is simply required. For instance,

loD ghaH wo'rIv'e'
Worf is a man.

When noun2 is a string of cojoined nouns (like wo'rIv torgh je), you need to put that -'e' on each noun, because they are grammatically equal in the sentence. And you need to change to the appropriate pronoun.

loD chaH wo'rIv'e' torgh'e' je Worf and Torg are men.

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