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"¿Cuándo quieres ir a la piscina?"

Translation:When do you want to go to the pool?

June 15, 2018



The female audio pronounced the word "ir" as ee, and the male pronounced it "eerr" Why?


She drops off the ends of her words, and I often can't hear the consonants at the end. It's very frustrating, but I think a lot of Spanish speakers do this, so I just try to learn.


either it's a mistake (and you can use the report button to say so), or, it could be that the "r" in "ir" isn't like an English "r" sound, it's shorter and softer, so much shorter that you almost can't hear it.


As soon as the pandemic is finished


Why is "When do you want to go to the swimming pool?" wrong?


Why is swimming pool wrong?


Although this exercise is not necessarily one of these at some point many listening exercises become neither an opportunity to learn nor a measure of our knowledge but rather a hearing test. I realize that we need to practice listening to native speakers and there is certainly value in that but when you lose a heart for “mistaking” ellos for ellas (I’ve listened to some of these exercises several times and it still sounds like ellos to me) It becomes an issue. Combine that with typos and spell check reconfiguring your answers and you can be eliminated from your Duolingo session when you have every intention to continue studying that day. It amounts to punishing one for studying which I’m sure is not the intention. I also know that you can bypass this problem with Duolingo plus or suffer through one of the make up lessons which seldom address what you are trying to learn. And I will also recognize that any practice is good. But this is sooo frustrating. Other then that I love Duolingo and am grateful for their existence. Admirable mission and admirable job. Just venting.


How do I know when to say "quieres" and when to say "quiere"?


'Quieres' is the ending for 'tú'; 'quiere' is used for 'he/she/it/you (formal).


I thought it was just me, but the female pronunciatiob of ir is strange. Almost sounds like 'eel'.


Male voice on here is saying 'Wondo' !


When do you want to WHAAAAAAAAAT?????

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