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  5. "Una cartera azul."

"Una cartera azul."

Translation:A blue purse.

June 15, 2018



why not bolsa for purse? I thought cartera was wallet?


For starters, "cartera" is "wallet", but it is also "purse", and secondly, it could be "bolsa" but it's just one or the other, so they chose "cartera".


It's wallet and purse


What kind of purse do we mean here, the small one where you keep your money, or more like a hand bag? (I think the first use is more British and the second is more American maybe?)

[deactivated user]

    "Purse" (cartera/bolso) is the big hand bag usually for women. "Wallet" (billetera) is the small hand bag to keep the money and usually for men.


    Yeah, I'm confused by this as well. As an American expat living in the UK, I know they mean different things in the two countries. I wonder if there are also regional variations in the Spanish speaking world? It sounds like cartera means wallet/coin purse and bolso means hand bag/what Americans call a purse?


    I think you are right, but i think its bolsa not bolso that is used for larger bags


    In the US & Mexico, bolsa usually is a sack/plastic bag, while bolso is a purse. That having been said, there seems to be a great deal of overlap amongst the various words that mean wallet, purse, etc...


    Me too, I am so confused


    Although I'm reviewing to catch up on the crown system, I keep trying to put an accent over the "u" in azul, because I always hear it pronounced with the accent on the last syllable. Usually, the accent of a Spanish word is on the next-to-last syllable, unless shown by an accent mark to be elsewhere, correct?


    Not exactly. In Spanish, the stress naturally falls on

    • if the word ends in a vowel, 'n', or 's', the second to last syllable (e.g. pollo, beben, coches)

    • if the word ends in any other letter, the last syllable (e.g. mujer, actriz)

    If a word does not follow these rules, it needs an accent mark over the accented vowel (e.g. corazón, lápiz).

    In this case, "azul" ends in a constant besides 'n' or 's', so stress would fall on the last syllable, and since it is pronounced that way no accent mark is needed.


    Thanks for this explanation! This explains a lot of accent marks that had confused me...thanks again & have a lingot!


    There's no accent on azul?


    I guess it's just a typo


    So I'm sure this has been addressed, but I'm noticing none of the colors change gender to match the noun they modify - is that just a color thing or are there a lot of adjectives that don't change?


    Only colours that end in o, like rojo, change gender. Colours like azul or rosa do not.


    so it would be "un abrigo rosa"?


    Yes - at least that's what my Spanish teacher says. She is a native speaker from the north of Spain.


    I was under the impression that "cartera" meant wallet. So does it mean purse and wallet depending on whether it ends in an "a" or an "o"? I assume it wouldn't change. So does "cartera" have a double-meaning?


    In México a carterista is a pickpocket.


    In the UK a purse is NOT the same as a US purse - it's a wallet or similar for cash. So if I see cartera I'm going to translate it as purse. What the US calls a purse we call a handbag. So Duo has to accept more definitions than US English speakers know.


    Yes, it has multiple meanings. Also means briefcase and schoolbag. Cartero means mailman. http://www.spanishdict.com/translate/cartera El bolso also means purse, while la bolsa means shopping bag or similar sack.


    I am super confused. In my Spanish class, we learned cartera as wallet, and bolsa as purse or bag.


    That is exactly right. In Mexico that is the way they say those things. There are over 20 countries whose official language is Spanish, so there are different words for the same thing, just as there are differences in British English and American English.


    This helped a lot more. The accent marks really confused me. Thanks for the help..... make sure to leave a lingot.


    it seems that cartera is the hand bag that women carry


    As a teacher of Spanish for Spanish-speakers (Mexico and Central America). I would have to say a majority of Latin Americans use "cartera" for wallet and "bolsa" for purse in my experience and teaching 20+ years.


    A purse is a small zipped or clasped wallet-like receptacle for money/cards which you carry IN a bag!! 'English' English ....


    I think that the female voice does not speak very clearly.


    i used google and una cartera azul means a blue portfolio


    Google is only 50% percent right mostly


    la traduccion de cartera/purse esta mal wallet = cartera/billetera purse = bolso


    It is funny how we must keep pretending that "cartera" means "purse", even though it usually means "wallet" in most places. But if we answer with "wallet" we get it wrong. There are a few other words like that in Duolingo Spanish.


    I am confused by words I think I really know something and then I go to work and my friend who speaks Spanish always tells me that I'm wrong she told me it's bolso not cartera, also I say maroon for brown and she says no Cafe is brown


    in the real world its as follows


    purse=bolso ó bolso de mano


    redish brown= marron


    Thanks for setting things straight. I am tired of Duolingo's constant insistence on inaccurate definitions.


    Audio not working!


    My sound didnt pick up azul, so i got it wrong.....smh


    I hear "Una cartel azul". Sad


    Una cartera azul.

    Translation: Funny behind the scene from a movie.


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    Minor spelling error failure


    At least you all heard what was said... I listened twice and ended up guessing. @_@


    Yes, the audio didn't play on this one for some reason. I tried at regular speed and at slow speed but no audio.


    it didn't except my answer i put A blue portfolio. it should have though


    I thought u wanted us to type it in spanish not english


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    I did a purse blue, and they marked it wrong. That's exactly what it meant. Should it have been accepted?


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