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  5. "I need to pay."

"I need to pay."

Translation:Yo necesito pagar.

June 15, 2018



Why not " Yo necesito a pagar"?


Translation isn't always word for word. If you say "necesito a pagar" It's like saying either "I need to to pay" or "I need to paying" in English.

Infinitive forms (pagar, leer, vivir, etc.) most commonly translate as either to pay, to read, to live, etc. or, in certain specific situations as paying, reading, living.

Here's an article with more detail: https://www.thoughtco.com/infinitive-spanish-basics-3079240

FULL DISCLOSURE: Native English speaker - US, Southern Appalachian dialect. Other uses of English may vary. Advice about Spanish should be taken with a grain of salt.


It means pagar is a verb? Pagar means pay or to pay?


Pagar is a verb and can translate to either 'pay' or 'to pay', depending on context.


Pagar means "to pay" pag=pay and ar=to


Ohhh that makes more sense to me


Oh that's more understandable


Thank you so much! :p


Thats what put down as well.


Because saying "Yo necesito a pagar" would be the same thing as I need to to pay. In any verbs in spanish the ending is the I, WE, YOU, and THEY. for example to run: corro is I run, correr is to run, corremos is we run. The ending is key to who is doing it and or the actual action of doing it (:


I wonder why it just says, I need to pay. I guess its just for practice. Because, I dont often say that, I just do it.


Wouldn't you rather say 'Yo quiero pagar' I would like to pay. Need sounds like in a rush.... I NEED TO PAY, THEY'RE AFTER ME... HURRY MAN! AHHH FORGET IT... KEEP THE CHANGE!


Hahaha, I like where you went with that! Sure, you might say it a number of ways, it all depends on the context, e.g. quisiera -'I would like', quiero - 'I want' or in this case, necesito. It's not bad, just a specific context. Like, if a group is all walking out of a restaurant and someone says, 'Oh wait, I (still) need to pay!', or when buying something: 'I need to pay before they'll deliver it'. 'Want' isn't really a fitting verb for some contexts (even when you're not in a hurry to escape!).


They just don't really have certain words for certain things so they just use words that are simular I guess. Sry if that made no sense


Also accepted: Tengo que pagar.


The program should also accept an answer without "Yo" in front.


When do we use pago vs pager ?


Pago is a present tense conjugated form of the infinitive verb 'pagar', and means 'I pay', whereas pagar is not conjugated and means 'to pay'.

So if you have already conjugated 'necesitar' (to need), into 'necesito' (I need), then you don't also conjugate pagar into pago, otherwise you are saying 'I need I pay'.

Basic (but very simplified) rules to remember are, 1). If it ends in 'er', 'ir' or 'ar' it is the unconjugated (infinative) verb form, meaning 'to x', and if it ends in 'o' it is conjugated to mean 'I x', (however these endings are a basic rule as Spanish has a whole bunch of irregular verbs too!) and 2). You don't put two conjugated verbs together in a simple sentence, as my above example shows, it doesn't make sense! :)


Why was yo necesito que pagar not accepted ?


Why not "Yo necesito pago"? Usually "AR" verbs take "O" in case of first person singular number. Is this an exception?


Necesito (I need) is already conjugated to the first person, so pagar (to pay) remains in the base form. Otherwise it would be like saying 'I need I pay'.


Jo necesito pagar . I typed exect and it still tells me its wrong ?


'Yo', no 'jo'. You have a typo but that should only come with a warning rather than be marked wrong.


why is yo quiro pagar not accepted


Yo quiero: I want

Yo necesito: I need

They are different words and while they can sometimes be synonymous, they have different meanings.


Yo nesesito pagar was another marked wrong because of s instead of a c


I got the answer correct but it came up red and took a heart,?


Why not yo queiro pagar?


Quiero: I want

Necesito: I need

While they can occasionally be used interchangeably, they aren't the same; One is a requirement, the other a desire.


Why not Yo necesito a pagar?


Pagar can mean 'to pay', the 'a' is redundant.


Why is it not Pago? Because of the Yo


Necesito had already been conjugated to the 'yo' form, to say 'I need', so we don't conjugate the second verb (in a simple sentence), otherwise it's like saying 'I need I pay'.


I typed nesecito instead of necesito (or vice versa idk) and lost a heart :( maybe another chance for just a typo? I mess necessary up in english sometimes XD


i spelled it this: "nesisito" although it said i got it wrong. why didnt it say i had a spelling error?


Isn't saying "yo necesito pagar" redundant? Wouldn't it still make sense to say "necesito pagar" because you have already conjugated? Does it depend on dialect?


Thats what I typed!

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