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"Ellos a veces estudian en la mañana."

Translation:They sometimes study in the morning.

June 15, 2018



PRECISELY. The female speaker doesn't distinguish ellos and ellas clearly. I have no problem with the male speaker.


And the same here.


It very clearly is Ellas.


It is impossible to hear if the woman is saying Ellos or Ellas! Sometimes it isn't even clear in the slower version. Since there is no context, guesses are not an option.


/&%$#" I've listened to the recording at least a dozen times and still can't tell if the speaker says ellos or ellas. Of course I picked the wrong one. This is a recurring problem. My ears or her speech, I don't know. Everything else is ok except for that.


I always find it impossible to tell whether this woman is saying Ellos or Ellas so it is mostly guess work on my part!


Ellas or ellos should both be accepted since the speaker is impossible to understand. Even with my hearing aids turned up. :)


I think it should be : Por la mañana


I suspect "They study sometimes in the morning" should not only be accepted, but is better grammar.


It should certainly be accepted but I am dubious it is actually better syntax than the given answer - there is nothing grammatically wrong with either version, or indeed with the third one that has been given.


Your suspicions are incorrect. The given answer is perfect. Another way it could be worded in English "They study in the morning sometimes." But the given answer is still 100% legit. "They study sometimes in the morning." is ok, but far from being better grammatically.


Estudian _ are studying ?


Yes it estudian is sometinmes (a veces!) best translated to English as tbey are studying. But on this occasion the use of "a veces" makes the simple present, they study, very much apptopriate in tbe English translation.


why it's not : por la mañana


As a 'correct' answer is given: "They sometimes prep in the morning" - Why "prep"? 'Sometimes' can be used on several places in the sentence - "Sometimes they study in the morning", "They sometimes study in the morning" or (as mentioned by 'Mstanding') "They study sometimes in the morning".


Duo is about to lose this student. Ellos and ellas are impossible to distinguish with the female speaker.


I agree - the female speaker is terrible! Have been considering leaving myself.


I totally agree with the former posts. the female voice is terrible. It may be common for day to day speech but we are trying to lesrn the language. It is exteremely /sometimes impossible for me to distinguish the o's from the a's in her speech. I too have no problems wi the male voice. As well, she runs words together so rapidly that many of the articles can't be heard. they need to get a different female voice ,or get her some dictio lessons.


Please speak clearer when saying ellas or ellos, and does it really matter in this sentence whether it is ellas or ellos???


I wonder if Duolingo will eventually get the message about the voices they use - particularly the woman, as sometimes it is impossible to understand what she is saying.


She sounds really passionate about that


Why isnt it estudiamos ?


Because estudiamos means "we study" not "they study"


This female says "AY-jus" with the last part of the word sounding like "just" THAT isn't how Ellas should sound!


Why is a veces not at the beginning of the sentence as it usually is?


if it means "type what you hear", well i hear ellas. should be correct.


These mechanical voices not always on track, I have this often said to me by my Latino friends who were born speaking the language. They have often encouraged me to pay for a course or find online native speakers. And some things on Duolingo they strongly disagree on.


Why isn't this accepted? "They sometimes learn in the morning."


"They sometimes learn in the morning" would translate to "Ellos a veces APRENDEN en la mañana".

In this sentence, "ESTUDIAN" is used, and that translates to "study".

So, the correct translation would be "They sometimes STUDY in the morning".


At times is the same as sometimes


Do you actually read our suggestions? Especially the ones that are red flagged?gracias y buenos noches


Ellas o ellos ... venice beach!


Will someone please tell me why some words of my correct answers are in red and not green????


Sounds like she said ellas.


What's the difference between morning and tomorrow? Both are mañana?


Not correct grammar

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