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"Esa camisa verde es más cara que la amarilla."

Translation:That green shirt is more expensive than the yellow one.

June 16, 2018



I wish DL would stop demanding the "one" on the end of such sentences. It is no more necessary in English than it is on the Spanish. (one)


Really? But it seems to me that "...than the yellow one" sounds more complete than "than the yellow." Maybe it is a dialectal matter?


I think they are equally used, cerainly thoughout british english anyway.


So many people claim they don't use the "one" at the end, perhaps Duo should accept both. I would be very uncomfortable if Duo did not accept that "one," however.


I'm confused, too. In some sentences they require the word, "one" and in others, they don't.


"One" is optional in real life, but not in DL.


I agree that "one" is not necessary in Canada as well.


Instead of more expensive , i wrote costlier and Dúo marked it incorrect . Is it okay for me to press the "my answer should be accepted" or am i in the wrong here . Please help . Thank you in advance for anyone who does help


I wrote ' That green shirt is more costly than the yellow one' and they marked it wrong!!!


didnt demand the "one" from me just now...


Does anyone else find it annoying to complete a long "Type what you hear" sentence, only to find that what definitely sounded like "esta" was in fact "esa" and you have to do the whole thing again? Aaaargh!!!!

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