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"Mom, what are we eating today?"

Translation:Mamá, ¿qué comemos hoy?

June 16, 2018



This is really getting annoying. The roll over hints are totally misleading. Comemos wasn't even in the choices. I thought the roll over hint were to direct you to correct formulation of the correct answer. Instead they are steering the learner in wrong direction


Absolutely agree....the further you progress with Duolingo, the worse the hints are...dare i say unhelpful.


Yeah. I'm not native in Spanish, but I think this sintence is a little weird. I think "Qué vamos a comer hoy" would be more natural. I know they have to teach all the ways, but I'm just saying...


I think because "vamos a comer" put the action on "going" instead of "to eat". It should be thought of as "will we be eating", which is eating in the future.


I answered "Mamá, ¿qué nosotros comemos hoy?" but it was marked wrong. What is wrong with including the pronoun?


Nothing is wrong with including the pronoun (other than it sounds funny), but in a question it should go after the verb:

Mamá, ¿qué comemos nosotros hoy?


Thanks, I will try it that way.


Becuase nosotros is already including in the word comemos. Basically comer + nosotros = comemos.


I have answered the same .. and I'm wondering the same thing


could someone explain why this is "que" and not "cual"? cual is usually used when there are a lot of options for the answer, right? and then i was told that que is used more for definitions. im very confused.


Yes! Same! I would have used cuál but Duolingo didn't even give me that choice... "What are we eating today?" sounds like we have a lot of options/choices so cuál should have been correct I think


I agree. I used "que", which of course was marked correct, because "cual" was not an option. But according to previous information I would have thought that they would have wanted "cual".

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What is wrong with "Mamá, qué estamos comer hoy?"


I am sure this should be acceptable ... Mamá, ¿qué estamos comiendo hoy?


No! It should not be accepted, because the action isn't happening at the present moment.


I agree. Please use the button to report it. The course creators don't read every comment to every sentence discussion, but they do get the reports. Thanks!


Why doesn't "estamos comer" or "estamos comiendo" work?


Same question. I used ".. estamos comer..." as i have not even seen 'comemos' yet.


In Spanish, when you use the 'ing' form, you must be doing the action at the time. The 'ing' form is much more limited than in English. In English, 'I am working' could mean you currently hold a job, or that you are at the exact time actually working. In Spanish, 'estoy trabajando' can only mean that you are actually working at that moment.


I said "qué estamos comemos" I don't know why that is wrong


I think it's how English uses "to be"/are differently. In English you can't say "what we eat today?" You need "are we eating" to get the right verb tense to agree with "we". But comemos already covers the tense and the "we", so no form of "are" is necessary in this sentence in Spanish


Why is 'cual' not accepted?


I typed comemos and it corrected me to comeremos. What's up with that. Not even a choice in the drop down. And when I changed it to comiendo on the next try I was corrected to comemos.


Probably something else wrong in your answer. Duo takes your whole reply into account.


The Spanish translation in this discussion page is "Mamá, ¿qué comemos hoy?". However when I enter this it's wrong and suggests "Madre, ¿qué comeremos hoy?"... so which is it?


Report it. Mamá is mom/mum(for the Brits).


Mamá, qué comemos hoy ? Literal "Moma, what we eat today ?" Original phrase "Mom what are we eating today ?"


At home I would say "Mamá, ¿que vamos a comer hoy?"...would this be marked wrong on here? Is it gramatically wrong? It's Latin American Spanish by the way.

I ended up clicking the autofilled answers to avoid losing a heart.


The Spanish word 'a' means "to" and comer means "to eat". I would say that is grammatically wrong to say all together.


It report me wrong with the message that - Madre, ¿qué comeremos hoy? is the righ answear? Isnt that wrong?


It was not marked as correct because conjugation in Spanish does not involve adding the tense to the end of the verb.

Here's the list of ways to conjugate comer:

Yo como.

Tú comes.

Él/Ella/Usted come.

Nosotros comemos.

Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes comen.


Madre is also mother, not mom. Another reason you got it wrong


Mamá instead of madre


"Mamá, ¿qué vamos a comer hoy?" sería más apropiada como traducción.


Hijo, hoy tenemos yarrak


I said, "Mamá qué Nosotros comemos hoy?"

How is that wrong? Yo no comprendo...


DominicCam228326 Number one... You have a really cool username! Number two... This is not correct because "Comemos" means we eat. You don't need "nosotros"... You would be using too many words and improper grammar. Hope this answers your question!


Ashleygirl24, First off, thank you! Secondly, thank you for your explanation; it helped. And thirdly, your kindness is appreciated! :-)


Someone was saying in another thread that when forming a question, the verb and noun switch. It would be "qué comemos nosotros hoy".


Why not qué son?


"Son" would be from "ser" for "they", not "us". (Ustedes son, nosotros somos)

Sorry, now I see what the point of your question was.. good catch, I'm not sure why it doesn't include the "are". And if it were put in, I think it'd be "estar".


Shouldn't it be comemos qué instead of qué comemos? Doesn't Spanish translate as we're eating what rather than what are we eating?


Can someone explain when we are to use "como" and when we are to use "que" for what? I can't seem to find an answer anywhere.


I put "mamá qué estamos comer hoy?" And it got mark wrong. Can someone help with clearifying why it's "mamá qué comemos hoy?"


Why is using "estamos" wrong? Seems like it should be correct even if you don't need it. I wrote "qué estamos comemos hoy"


I typed out, Mama, que comemos hoy. Then I looked at the hints and changed my answer to Mama, que estamos comer hoy. Based on the hints, Thought this would be correct. I should have went with mine.


Mamá, ¿qué comemos hoy? was marked correct 8-19-20.


Can I switch my keypad on my phone to Spanish when I'm doing Duolingo?


Ok. This is really funny. I put ma'am and it said it was wrong, and stated that the right word was ma'ma. I want my mommy.


I wrote "mamá cómo son comemos hoy?" Is that wrong?


I agree ! In a higher level hints should even be more suportive, not less, where is the point to teach me if I was firstly recomended to read the underlined words, and then I am to fail?


The hint is comiamos not comemos


Why is it "qué" and not "cual?" I thought you use "cual" when there are lots of options for an answer?


I dont understand isnt : WE EAT : comemos and WE EATING: comiendo ? Same question before accepted COMIENDO but now its wrong? Its just a joke


Give a break down of the differances ofwhen to use comer


Why isn't "somos" needed for "are"


Comemos wasn't in the explaination


I agree the tips are not helpful and this is not naking me want to continue.


I totally agree

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