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  5. "Necesitamos más pesos."

"Necesitamos más pesos."

Translation:We need more pesos.

June 16, 2018



So would that be a natural way of saying 'We need some more cash' in countries which use pesos, or is it as currency-specific as it sounds ('we need to change more of our dollars into pesos)?


I don't understand this one, what does Duo want 'pesos' to mean or translate? I said we need more money and it was wrong.


'pesos' is the name of the money like for example, the Japanese have 'yen' or the Americans have 'pennys'. I hope this helps you to understand better.☺


There is no English word for "pesos" is it a denomination of coin?


Actually... there are many words for "pesos" (plural of "peso") in English, one of them would be "scale weight" [https://dle.rae.es/?id=Sndl9iL]:

  1. m. peso que se necesita para equilibrar en la balanza un cuerpo determinado.

In any case, in this context... it is a set of monetary units from different Latin American countries:

  1. m. Unidad monetaria de la Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Filipinas, México, República Dominicana y Uruguay.

These different and unrelated monetary units are also referred as "Pesos" in English.


Yo quiero, yo quiero di-nero!


Peso is alsi a currency in south America

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