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  5. "Este es un mal precio."

"Este es un mal precio."

Translation:This is a bad price.

June 16, 2018



Does it mean over-priced?


Yes, I think it does. A more common way to say this sentence in English would be "This isn't a good price" or "The price is too high." A bad price sounds a bit rude in English or as if the price were misbehaving.


I dont think duolingo uses many english expressions. Im not even sure these are american either


over priced or under priced? or both depending on context?


Underpriced is usually referred to as "A good price", at least by the customer.

For example, "This is a good price for Yeezys!"


In Spanish we say," no es un buen precio " this sentence have more sense


What is the difference between mal and malo


When “bueno” or "malo" is used before the noun it becomes “buen” or "mal" but only in the masculine. https://mariaortegagarcia.com/spanish-blog/bien-or-bueno-muy-or-mucho-erase-any-doubt/


Is that the same principle for using primer piso, as opposed to primero?


and only in singular


What determines when "bueno" or "malo" is used before the noun?


Please remind me why it is "Este" and not "Esto".


NO one would say "bad price"


So are we saying that "este es un mal precio" is a common Spanish way of saying "This is pricy?". Because if not, why are we learning it and debating the poor English translation? The Spanish might be just as grating as the English "This is a bad price".


I believe it means the price is not justifiable. Not that it is expensive. We don’t really say it’s a bad price in English. do we?


Not sure why you think 'bad price' is so heinous in English. I'm native, I would say that.


Why does the adjective 'mal' precedes the noun 'precio'? Shouldn't it be like 'precio malo'?


certain adjectives come before and may even change the meaning slightly. un amigo viejo means an elderly friend, un viejo amigo is a friend you’ve known in ages. in this case, I think both can be used with the same meaning. mal precio = precio malo


¿Quién dice eso?; es increiblemente raro oir esa expresión en contextos de la lengua nativa; por lo menos donde vivo, nunca lo oigo. Decimos otra cosa. Por ejemplo, está costoso o caro (un precio elevado), es barato (un precio bajo), tiene un precio aceptable o justo.

Si se va a refeeir que el precio es muy alto, dada la mala o regular calidad de algo, ¡tampoco se dice eso! Se dice algo como, ese precio no se justifica para algo de tan pobre o baja calidad.

Si se habla en el contexto donde el producto es bueno, pero el precio es bajo, suele decir; es un producto que está económico, es barato, es con cuenta o está a precio accesible


you cannot have a bad price, something can be too expensive but it is not possible for a price to be "bad" It's nonsense


So, Elizadeux, if it was behaving correctly it would be a good price!


I HATE writing bad English for your translations. It's nonsense


This is a poor price.

Not accepted @ 2021-06-1. Reported.


Thinking that Duo didn't care about punctuation, I answered 'This is a "bad" price' as a way to both satisfy the exercise's expectations and still express my unease with using the word 'bad' in this context, but it wouldn't let it pass.


It is sometimes difficult to destinguish the prononciation in Duo.

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