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"O nosso critério é a qualidade."

Translation:Our criterion is quality.

April 27, 2014



"Criterion" is rarely used, it seems to me.


Because I thought that criteria should be accepted , I decided to check Webster's Dictionary. According to Webster's Dictionary, Criterion is a singular word and criteria is a plural word. However it also states that criteria has been used as a singular word for about 50 years and is increasingly accepted in both speech and writing.


After I relooked at the sentence, and saw the article zealously"the" in front of quality, I think that I would agree that criterion would be the better choice....


it is a Latin word, that's why.. centurium/centuria, millennium/millenia, bacterium/bacteria. but the use of a language is stronger than its origin, so I have never seen people using bacterium or criterion (probably it comes from criterium)


The English sentence here is the same as saying "Quality is our criterion". Quality is being used as an abstract noun, not as part of an adjectival phrase. In my opinion, it's very clear English.


i don't understand why the article is used in some cases but not in others. In this case, "a", I assume, is the article for qualidade, but is it really necessary grammatically in Portuguese (in English, of course, it is not unless one is emphasizing THE quality (which would also imply "of our particular product or service")


The use of the article for both nouns here is correct. In Brazil, they might be omitted.


Is CRITERIUM not a viable translation here, as the sentence does not necessarily denote the plural(?).


criteria == is plural criterion===is singular

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