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  5. "Je to myš!"

"Je to myš!"

Translation:It is a mouse!

June 16, 2018



what is the difference to "To je myš!"?


Je to... is more appropriate when we already know about the existence of something and we have just identified it is a mouse

To je... is quite universal, but when continuing a conversation about something it will generally be better or may even be necessary to use "Je to... ". Do you know František? He is a good boy. Znáš Františka? Je to dobrý hoch.

It is a good cake! Both To je dobrý dort! and Je to dobrý dort! are fine as a spontaneous sentence. But when directly asked what you think about it you answer "Je to dobrý dort.".


So in Czech "je" comes always befor "to" "ta" ecc? Or there are different contexts?


Definitely not always. Many other contexts exist, and you will see many in this course.

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