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"Estos zapatos no son interesantes."

Translation:These shoes are not interesting.

June 16, 2018



How do you know when to use "these" and when to use "those"?


These is plural of 'this'

Those is plural of 'that'

-This shoe is nice. These shoes are nice.

-That hat is cool. Those hats are cool.


Same question here


Who in the world says shoes aren't interesting??? If you do please write back! THANKS!!!!


How do you know when to use "these" or "those"


I too am confused between these and those. Could a native Spanish speaker explain please.


I'm not a native Spanish speaker but I think I can help you out.
"These" is the plural of "this".
"Those" is the plural of "that" In Spanish, "this" is one of 3 words: 1-"esto"-the indefinite pronoun and it always stands on its own, 2-"este"-the masculine form modifies masculine nouns, 3-"esta" -the feminine form modifies feminine nouns.
The plural is "these". And you lose one of the three versions when you make them plural. There are only 2 versions of the Spanish word for "these". 1- "estos" is both the indefinite form and the masculine form. 2- "estas" is the feminine form.

The Spanish words for "those" follow the very same patterns!
You just drop the "T" in each word.
"Those" equals 1-esos--indefinite and masculine form, 2- esas--feminine version.
I hope that helps!


"esto" is an indefinite pronoun (not article), so it explains it stands by its own.

I like this. This = pronoun.
I like this = Me gusta esto.


In English there are two words to refer to an object(s): if it is near, you use this (these), if it is not near, you use that (those).
In Spanish there are three words:
- Este refers to smth near = this.
- Aquel refers to smth not near = that
- Ese is something between these two, not particularly close but not too far away. It can also be used to refer to an object(s) or a person(s) that is closer to a listener than to a speaker. Since English doesn't have a word like that, it can be translated both as "this" or "that".

These words, of course, have different forms depending on the gender and form of the object:
este - esta - estos - estas
ese - esa - esos - esas
aquel - aquella - aquellos - aquellas


What a strange sentience.


Do Spanish speakers refer to clothes/shoes as 'interesting' or 'uninteresting' in casual conversation or is this just some learning strangeness?


Seriously why are we using interesting in every sentence still


These are not interesting shoes should be acceptable.


The notion that shoes should be interesting, is muy interesante.


Me encantaría ver cómo son los zapatos "interesantes" . Jamás escuché eso!


Is "estes zapatos" wrong?


Ittook a long time to get here and all the mistakes made will kiky be made again.


I replied "these shoes are uninteresting", and it was counted wrong. Is there a diference in meaning between my translation and the one Duolingo gives?


Duo likely didn't think of it and didn't add it to their list of answers.
Report it.


I wrote "These shoes are uninteresting" and got it wrong.


in spanish is "z" pronounces "th"?

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