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"Estos zapatos no son interesantes."

Translation:These shoes are not interesting.

4 months ago



I'm not interested in these shoes. Correct

1 month ago


We are learning Spanish rather than English, but the subject of the sentence is 'these shoes', rather than 'I'.

1 month ago


How do you know when to use "these" and when to use "those"?

4 weeks ago


How do you know when to use "these" or "those"

4 weeks ago


I too am confused between these and those. Could a native Spanish speaker explain please.

2 weeks ago


I'm not a native Spanish speaker but I think I can help you out.
"These" is the plural of "this".
"Those" is the plural of "that" In Spanish, "this" is one of 3 words: 1-"esto"-the indefinite article and it always stands on its own, 2-"este"-the masculine form modifies masculine nouns, 3-"esta" -the feminine form modifies feminine nouns.
The plural is "these". And you lose one of the three versions when you make them plural. There are only 2 versions of the Spanish word for "these". 1- "estos" is both the indefinite form and the masculine form. 2- "estas" is the feminine form.

The Spanish words for "those" follow the very same patterns!
You just drop the "T" in each word.
"Those" equals 1-esos--indefinite and masculine form, 2- esas--feminine version.
I hope that helps!

5 days ago


when you give the right answer, and this isn't the first time. You claim you want to be one BIG family,i'm not sure about that?

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2 months ago