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"Yo tengo una familia pequeña."

Translation:I have a small family.

June 16, 2018



Pequeña refers to familia, a feminine noun


Why is "tengo una familia pequeña" rejected? You have been telling me "yo" is not necessary. ?


Because you are supposed to write whatever you listen in this lesson... You can't leave anything...


AbhishekBi936153, these discussions are actually linked to multiple versions of the same sentence. So not everyone will get the same type of question. Some will get a translate question will others will get a 'type what you hear' question. In a translate question the 'Yo' is completely optional. As you stated though in a 'type what you hear' it would be required if that is what the voice said.


Is pequeña the opposite of grande?


Why isn't this pequeno?


"familia" is a feminine word, so any articles and adjectives must match:

una familia pequeña


I always think of pequeña as "small in stature". Is it just assumed that it also means "few in number"?


"Pequeña" means "small in size" (size can also be stature at times)... A family is made up of individuals (few in number), but a family is grammatically treated as a single unit (small in size).

Since we're on the topic, few in number is "poco(s)/poca(s)". :-)


Does anyone else think that the word "pequeña" sounds very cute?


Why isn't it yo tengo una pequena familia As in the adjective is before the noun. I know in Spanish the adjective goes after the noun normally but I always thought the exception was B... (can't remeber) Age Goodness Size


Is it possible to be able to check the pronunciation again after completing this exercise? At present it is not possible like the other exercises.


What's with her gloomy voice? No wonder her parents didn't want any more kids?


woman's voice is not "una" but "la".

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