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Non vedo l'ora!

I leave for Italy in two days and I am so excited. Thanks Duolingo for making me feel comfortable on this adventure. I will not have access so my streak is about to end but that's okay. Mission accomplished!

June 16, 2018



Buon viaggio e buon divertimento!


It's an eight day wine/cheese tour, yoga retreat and cooking school. We land in Florence, home base is Chianti and tours from there. The Florence Leather School is one of our many destinations. it's with my "Yoga Tribe".


Buon viaggio Linda. Have a wonderful time and talk lots without worrying about getting it wrong. It really doesn't matter. I wonder where you are going to in Italy? Ciao... another Linda. I meant to add, don't worry at all about your streak. It's just a number. All that you've learnt is what matters. I know my friend Muss will agree with this.

[deactivated user]

    You are 10 weeks ahead of me. Enjoy and practice. I often amaze myself where the words come from, when the pressure is on its amazing how the human brain works. Maybe tell us all where your going.


    That's amazing! Progress isn't always determined by a streak so don't worry about it! Where are you headed to in Italy?


    Travel safely and have the best time.

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