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"¿Disfrutaste tus vacaciones en México?"

Translation:Did you enjoy your vacation in Mexico?

June 16, 2018


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Just curious, do non-Mexicans pronounce the X in México like the X in éxito?


Mexicans do not pronounce the x like an x. Instead, they pronounce it like the Spanish j in the word Mexico. I have noticed in Duo that the female speaker pronounces the x very strongly but the male speaker you can barely hear the x. On another subject, I have been on many vacations in Mexico. So how would you distinguish only one vacation from many vacations in Spanish (ie: "I enjoyed my vacations in Mexico"?}

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You can say things like

  • mis vacaciones más recientes for your most recent visit
  • todas mis vacaciones to emphasize you went there more than once
  • algunas de and ninguna de as well


Texas has the same thing going on, but Texans don't say "Tejano" unless they're referring to a certain style of music.

It's sort of the opposite I guess. Mexico is pronounced "Mejico" and "Tejas"is pronounced "Texas"

There are historical and cultural reasons for this which I can't do justice to right now as I'm tejting and driving at the moment.


2/7/20 being English I used holiday not vacation. It was marked incorrect


if I had several vacations the Spanish word is vaciones also. So yes I enjoyed my vacations in Mexico and both singular and plural in English are correct.


"Did you enjoy your vacations in mexico?" is also accepted here as an alternative answer now.


I am confused about making the choice of using vacacion or vacaciones. Are there any rules or guidelines? I haven't seen any on Duolingo.


How do we know if the question asks about one specific holiday or several different holidays?


Only through context, like 'pants' or 'scissors' in English.


Purlines is right when someone else is the speaker, but if I were the speaker I would clarify plurality by saying 'todas mis vacaciones.'


vacation and hoilday are the same


Is: Did you enjoy your vacation's in Mexico, correct?


Vacaciones is always plural in Spanish even though in English we talk about "a vacation" as being singular, which is important to learn, so translating tus vacaciones simply to "your vacation" (singular) is preferable here to make sure you're getting that point. That said, it is possible that this sentence could refer to more than one vacation (e.g. maybe this person used to go on vacation to Mexico every year, and you're asking if they enjoyed all those vacations), so it should also possible to translate it as "Did you enjoy your vacations in Mexico?" (which has been accepted for me here before), as long as you understand that it could also be singular.
However, adding the apostrophe in "vacation's" is incorrect. You don't need an apostrophe to pluralize something in English (or Spanish); just for possessives (e.g. "John's book"/"the book belonging to John") or contractions (e.g. "it's"/"it is").


The English folk out there would use 'holiday' not 'vacation'


Hi, please use the button to report oversights and omissions. The course creators don't read every comment to every sentence discussion, but they do get the reports. Thanks!


Where is 'the button'?


Yes ho!iday is the same as vacation. Why was it marked wrong?

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