"They have to pay for the fruits."

Translation:Ellas tienen que pagar las frutas.

6/16/2018, 3:45:24 PM



why not? Ellos tienen que pagar por las frutas

6/16/2018, 3:45:24 PM

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I don’t think it’s wrong, but if they had accepted it, you may not had noticed that you also could have omitted it. pagar can mean pay or pay for. you use por, when paying for someone else, for something you did (like with a punishment) or for something you keep (like a house). I think fruits are borderline. Also notice, even in English we don’t always use “for” e.g. We pay the bill.

9/11/2018, 5:17:53 AM


My mistake. My error was including 'por' in the answer.

9/19/2018, 10:03:01 PM


Why not Tienen que pagar para las frutas? I was marked wrong for this answer.

9/19/2018, 9:56:53 PM

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There is no indication of gender in the English.

8/8/2018, 7:31:11 PM

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I was marked correct for "Tienen que pagar las frutas" you have to omit "PARA" or "POR" because "pagar" means to "pay for". You can omit gender if you want.

1/17/2019, 3:54:09 AM


Ellos is just as correct as ellas. This is scored incorrectly.

10/28/2018, 4:13:12 PM


Tried it without "ellos" or "ellas" but that it not accepted either. Duolingo is ONLY accepting the answer with "ellas."

10/28/2018, 4:18:26 PM


why not "Ellas tienen que pagar POR las frutas"?

8/22/2018, 12:18:13 AM

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Please look at antonmo's helpful answer above.

12/3/2018, 5:59:19 AM


Ellas or ellos should not be required.

11/5/2018, 11:20:24 PM


Has anyone reported it? I was also marked incorrect when I typed Ellos.

11/30/2018, 9:28:46 PM


Google translate confirms that I am correct using Ellos tienen que pagar por las frutas

8/22/2018, 6:53:34 PM

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Pagar means 'to pay for'. so the 'por' is not used. Don't take Google Translate too literally.

9/7/2018, 8:44:19 AM


This lesson contains some form of "tener que pagar" without "por" numerous times so I assume "tener que pagar" = "to have to pay for". Adding "por" would be incorrect and redundant.

8/22/2018, 6:57:58 PM
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